Boo hoo: Ranger Rover insurance renewal goes up by 180%

A Range Rover driving idiot was “shocked when our renewal quote for this year arrived from Aviva, which had shot up from £893 to £2,531. An increase of more than 180%.” 

According to the DVLA, Range Rovers were the second most stolen cars in 2022, with more than 5,200 taken. Earlier this year, an Autocar investigation found that owners were being denied insurance because the risk of theft had become so great.

Aviva says: “According to the Association of British Insurers, premiums have risen in recent months due to inflation and rising claims costs.

“Unfortunately, there has also been an increase in thefts of high-end vehicles, particularly in urban areas, and this has impacted JM’s premium. Many are being stolen to resell the vehicle, or its parts, in the UK, or overseas.”